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Sarcococca 'Confusa'



Shiny dark green foliage staying immaculate all year, Sarcococca confusa produces highly scented, creamy white flowers from December until March bringing cheer and fragrance into the garden through the shortest Winter days. The flowers are followed by shiny black spherical berries.

These bushy shrubs are perfect for shady borders or containers and their dense bushy growth makes them a good plant for hedging or as an edging to paths and paved areas, in particular as a Box replacement. They are easily maintained at a height up to 75cm with a light trim after flowering to keep them dense and bushy.

We always recommend you plant at least one Sweet Box plant close to the house where the perfumed flowers can be appreciated.

Sarcococca confusa is an easy, low maintenance shrub. They really do thrive in shade rather than the sun, either moderate or dense shade is fine. Once established they are very tough and drought tolerant although they do appreciate a generous mulch in spring. This is also one of the few shrubs that grows well in damp shade.