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Rhubarb 'Timperley Early' 3Ltr Pot

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While technically a vegetable, rhubarb is considered by many to be a fruit, owing to its sweet flavour and use in desserts. For first-time vegetable growers, rhubarb is the perfect choice. Perennial, it flourishes without too much attention, bearing delicious stalks to stew and eat with porridge at breakfast, or to use as an ingredient in crumbles and tarts. Rhubarb is ready to harvest in early spring, when little else is available, making it one of the most prized crops in the vegetable garden.

‘Timperley Early’ is one of the earliest varieties to mature, producing pink-red stems streaked with green.  If left to grow naturally, ‘Timperley Early’ is ready to harvest from March.

Plant rhubarb crowns from autumn to spring in a sunny spot in well drained soil. Prepare the soil well by digging in plenty of well rotted manure and remove all weeds. When planting crowns, ensure the top of the crown sits 3cm below soil level, and space them at 75cm intervals.