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Chamaerops humilis 35L 120cm



A striking Mediterranean plant that helps to give your garden a warm, holiday feel. Often referred to as the European fan palm or the Mediterranean dwarf palm, it’s cold-hardy and great for warmer and colder climates. This evergreen palm has all the charm you would expect to see from a continental, exotic species.

It ranges from a dwarf, ground-hugging multi-stemmed suckering shrub to a tall single trunked plant with small stiff leaves or drooping tipped large leaves, themselves of varying colour. Whichever type you choose they are tough and undemanding plants taking, when established, any degree of drought or wind.

Almost always, hardy palm trees can be planted at any time of the year, but ideally it should be done during spring and summer. Try to dig a hole a good deal bigger than the root-ball, which should be given a good soak before planting. Then, back-fill the hole with a free draining mix