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Acer palmatum Bi-hoo 11L - 90-130cm



Acer Palmatum Bi Ho is a deciduous Japanese Maple tree with excellent year-round colour. It suits woodland gardens or a partly shady spot.

Japanese Maple Bi Ho means ‘beautiful mountain range’. It’s a maple native to Japan that was introduced to Europe by the French. It does well in the UK climate with some shelter. This is a maple for four seasons. In spring, new light-green foliage tinged with salmon pink appears on bare stems. The leaves are small with five palmate lobes that are very similar to the popular Sango Kaku. New foliage matures to mid-green during summer, and in autumn it lights up a garden in shades of yellow and red before falling with the frosts. In winter, Acer Palmatum Bi Ho’s stems turn a rich yellow-orange to rival the brightest dogwoods.