Breakfast with Santa




Open 9.00-5.30 Monday-Saturday

10-5 Sunday

Breakfast served at 8am. Entry to the Grotto at 8.45am Adult Breakfasts can be purchased for £5.99 plus 79p for every extra item

20th, 21st, 22nd

23rd & 24th December

(There will be two sittings on the 24th December,

one at 8am then one at 9:00am)

Breakfast Menu

Sausage, Scrambled Egg, Beans, Toast & Butter

Choose a drink from either

Fresh Orange Juice or Fresh Milk

Number of Children/Date
Number of Children/Date
Number of Children/Date
Number of Children/Date
Number of Adults

Come and join Santa for a truly magical Breakfast experience. The children not only get a fantastic Breakfast but they also get to sit and eat with Santa. After Breakfast they can go and visit him in his magical Grotto and receive a special gift.

23rd December



All this for only

Per Child

PLEASE NOTE we only have availability for the 8am sitting

on December 24th

Terms and conditions:

Breakfast with santa is a bookable event and is subject to availability on the day and must be prepaid in advance using our online booking system. Adult breakfast items are purchased on the day of the event at standard daily menu prices.

Meet and greet santa is based on a arrival system with first in first out policy and subject to event conditions on the day and to the discretion of the catering manager. Staff will endeavour to do their best to accommodate any customer requests but are informed and asked to strict to a timing and event schedule on the day of the event. Any allergies must be noticed in the comments box upon booking and arrival on the day to help with your booking.


Schedule of events on the day:

doors open 8am Breakfast is to be ready at 8am

Bookings to be seated from 8am with adults informed to collect and select their kids and adult breakfasts as soon as possible once been greeted and seated to their table. 8.45am Santa walks and greets customers with a restaurant walk through before heading to his grotto. 8.50am Supervisor/Manager to escort the first arrivals of customers to come up and meet and greet santa and receive gift in his grotto. 10.30am session ends normal menu and operational service resumes.

Public arriving for normal breakfast service can enter and find a table from normal opening hours at 9am.